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So you want to know more about Aloe Vera...Let me guess you're not quite sure how to use it, what it is good for, and whether it's safe?

Team AloeVille is here to help clear up any questions you may have about Aloe. 

We are Massive Aloe Groupies...! :)  We have used natural Aloe Vera gel from our own plants all our lives, and have tried out countless remedies, treatments and products (from all around the World). 

We have seen the Amazing Results you can get from using this fantastic (Very Cool) succulent. We'd like to share that experience and our knowledge with you.

How Can Aloeville Help You?

  • Go Natural and Go Aloe!....We will show you how Aloe can be best used in your daily routine, and as part of a clean living, and natural lifestyle. 
  • We will help you understand what's true and what's not about all those health claims. 
  • We will review products and bring you the best brands for your health and beauty needs.
  • We will keep up with new studies and bring you the BEST that Aloe has to offer. 
  • We will be straight with you about the possible risks and side effects of using this plant.

Our love for:

  • Aloe's
  • Clean Living
  • The environment
  • Helping people and the community
  • Natural skin care  
  • Natural healing treatments
  • And finding really cool and exciting products from around the World,

has led to us to creating www.aloeville.com website, so we can share with you our passions for this wonder plant. 

We had a lot of experience of using the so-called 'miracle plant', but we didn't know a lot about the plant or the science behind all the health claims that have been made.

There was loads of confusing and sometimes 'Dodgy' information out there on Aloe.

So the crew from 'Team AloeVille', spent months researching, ploughing through the available studies, and found out the low-down on Aloe.

What we found re-enforced what we initially thought, which is that Aloe is truly a natural healing pharmacy in itself.

Where you find the 'Lily of the Desert'

Also known as Aloe barbadensis, the easy to grow, drought tolerant ‘Lily of the Desert’ has been used on the skin for centuries for its softening and moisturizing qualities. 

You probably come across this plant every day without knowing it.  It is added to tissues, it is in the strip of gel on your razor and more than likely in your hand soap, moisturizers and sunscreen. 

Cosmetic companies commonly add the cooling gel from the leaves to products such as makeup, shaving cream, shampoos and conditioners. It is also used as a flavouring in foods and drinks, and is sold as a health giving juice. 

Aloe Vera Has Amazing Potential

Aloe Vera has far more healing properties than just skin treatment though. It is currently being studied for its potential as a drug for HIV, for Cancer, for Diabetes, for IBS and other Gastric Problems

It is also being used as a possible source of biodiesel fuel.  How's that for a plant that could save the planet?

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