Alba Green Tea Eye Gel Review

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Product: Alba Green Tea Eye Gel. 

The Experience

Brand: Alba Botanica

Price: $10.82 USD ($22 AUD)

Size: 28g

Product Description: This fantastic eye gel uses Green Tea and only certified organic ingredients, is hypo – allergenic, paraben free AND 100% vegetarian with no animal testing! What is there not to love? Reduces puffiness, fine lines and gives your eyes that refreshed feel.

  • The Alba Green Tea Eye Gel comes in a little pump bottle which pumps out just the right amount of eye gel each time.
  • This means there is no more messy tubs where you put your fingers in and contaminate the product, or let air in so the eye cream loses it potency. Its all sealed and fresh for each application.
  • The gel is fragrance free and is of a solid texture without being gluggy or runny.

Fragrance: There was no scent 

Results: Very impressed, it tightened the skin around the eye area gave it a refreshed look. It works full stop!

Moisture: Left the skin feeling plump and refreshed,

Price: Fantastic value for price – for a product that actually works at a fraction of the cost other leading brands charge.

How often did you use this product: I tried this product and used it twice daily in my skin care routine – great product that works!

Pros: Its a great price, natural, organic and animal testing free

Cons: None that I can think of 

Naturalness?  100%

Organic? YES

How To Use Alba Green Tea Eye Gel

  1. Pump a small amount onto your fingertip.
  2. Dab ( gently massage) around your eye socket area.
  3. Let it dry as normal.

It absorbs into the skin almost immediately with a refreshing slight cooling feel. No stickiness or residue is left behind. The skin just soaks it all up, it must know how good all the products are and wants to absorb every last drop !!;o) 


Alba Green Tea Eye Gel Uses:

  • 100% Vegetarian ingredients
  • No Animal testing
  • NO: parabéns, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances

How many Aloe Rating? 5 / 5 Aloes 

Final thoughts: It was refreshing to actually use a product that actually works!! 

Ingredients: Aloe barbadenise leaf juice, green tea, vitamin C, Papaya, Chamomilla, cucumber – the list goes on and on! Packed with natural amazing powerful antioxidants this eye gel packs a lot of punch in a small bottle! 

Who Is The Reviewer - Polly : Aloeville's resident skin care fanatic :).

Polly lives, breath's and eat's skin care :). Like you she loves trying out new skincare. She is honest with her reviews, and is 'super sceptical' of the hype associated with the majority of skin care products out there.

For Polly to give a decent review, you can count on the fact that it must be a really good product, simple as that.  

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