Use Aloe Vera Skin Care - Go Natural....and Look Good at the Same Time. 

When it comes to skin care, say No to using nasty chemical concoctions, when you can go natural by using Aloe Vera skin care recipes, treatments and products instead….!


Because your body will love you for it! ☺

Aloe Vera (its botanical name is Aloe barbadensis) is widely used in a multitude of natural Aloe Vera skin care products and treatments, the reason being its therapeutic and versatile qualities. For thousands of years it has been regarded as a bit of a miracle plant due to its healing properties. 

Use Aloe Vera to moisturise your skinUsing the soothing gel from Aloe Vera.

Did you know that Cleopatra (69-30 BC) and Nefertiti (1370-1330 BC) who were Famous Queens of Egypt used “ The plant of immortality”, as part of their beauty regimes? 

Looks like the secret is out...Why is Aloe Vera Skin Care so Popular? 

The Aloe Vera skin care industry is a billion dollar industry. The main ingredient that is used and taken from the Aloe Vera plant (AV as we call it), is Aloe Vera gel. 

The Aloe is manufactured into numerous different forms. From pure gel to powdered AV, to concentrated AV (anywhere up to about 200:1 strength) and then included in a whole range of products and forms. From face wash to lip balm to cosmetics. It's used in thousands of different Aloe Vera skin care products. 

  • It’s used as a base ingredient due to its great moisturizing ability, also because it tends to be a cheaper option than an oil wax as a base. 
  • Another benefit of Aloe Vera is that as it doesn’t clog pores. Unlike oil based skin products, AV can be used on a variety of skin types especially oily skin. Plus it can be easily absorbed by the skin. 
  • The Anti-inflammatory nature of AV makes this a very versatile option for reducing and calming redness of skin, rashes, itches, bites, acne, sunburn and a host of other skin complaints. 
  • There is evidence to suggest that the many different vitamins and minerals in AV help to support your skin through repair, and immune support. This means that it can help skin stay healthy by protecting against possible immune suppression caused from UV rays.      
  • Aloe Vera also has an anti bacterial action in the gel that makes it an effective Acne treatment, and healing agent for other small wounds. 
  • It has the ability to rehydrate at deep levels into the skin layers, and can also assist people who have flaky or dry skin conditions (E.g. Psoriasis). Read about the scientific proof that it works for Psoriasis and how to use it.

Natural occurring Vitamins in the gel (such as A, B , C, E) can help to keep the skin nourished and firm. Included with all these vitamins, there are around 200 active ingredients in AV.

Aloe Vera Skin CareA Woman using Aloe Vera on her skin

Using Aloe Vera from the Inside Out

Another option you have to promote better skin, is from the inside out, using Aloe orally. You can extract the gel from the leaves of the plant and take it orally. 

I would start with taking a small one-inch by half an inch square of the aloe gel first, not too much…. Be careful as the aloe latex has a potential laxative effect.

Or, it can be taken as part of an Aloe Vera drink (or smoothie), taken in capsules, and even powdered form. 

An alternative option is to make your own Aloe Vera skin care treatments or use one of the many Aloe Vera skin care recipes that are available, instead of buying a store bought items. 

Cleopatra is said to have used this secret beauty recipe (it contains Aloe):

Cleopatra's Face Cream


• Fresh Aloe Vera Juice - 2 tablespoons,

• Rose oil - 4 drops

(Try and get hold of the real deal, rose oil….no diluted or watered down rose essential oil. It's loads better if you can track down the authentic item. Please note real cold pressed rose oil is expensive…..but well worth getting hold of it. ☺

• Almond Oil -1 tablespoon,

• Beeswax – 2 Tablespoons.

• (Optional ingredient – a vitamin E capsule/ liquid)

So how do we make it……? First combine the almond oil plus the beeswax into a pot and very slowly heat it up until it turns into a liquid. BE CAREFUL not to get it to the boil. 

You can  change the amount of bees wax in the mixture if you want, if you want to alter the thickness and consistency of it, just add more. 

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Mix in the vitamin E if you want (I am not sure where Cleopatra would have got her vitamin E capsules from back then ☺) 

The great thing about all natural skin care recipes like this, is that if you put it in a covered container ( an air tight glass container is best ) and put it in the fridge, it should last for a few weeks.

I hope you like this recipe as much as Queen Cleopatra is said to have liked it….. ☺!

Aloe Vera MoisturiserAloe infused moisteriser

Fun Fact: Did you know it is regarded as one of the top medicinal plants, and as such its sometimes also called the “First Aid Plant”!!!!!

Next time you are looking at a natural alternative to your beauty routine, why don’t you give Aloe Vera Skincare a go. Your face and your body (and your wallet – as its cheaper) will thank you for it!

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