Use Aloe Vera Gel In Skin Treatments...This Miracle Ingredient Will Help Solve All Your Skin Care Woes.  

Using Aloe Vera gel in skin treatments is a sure way to get your skin care routine sorted, for the new season.

After a blisteringly hot summer or a bitingly cold winter, not to mention the effects of various indulgences over the past couple of months, you may begin to notice that the face that greets you in the mirror every morning is not the bright, fresh, optimistic face you remember from the start of the season. 

Getting your complexion glowing again in time for the new season is something you can do naturally and easily. You can even grow and make your own skincare products at home – it will save you money and your skin will thank you for it. 

Using Aloe Vera Gel in Skin Treatments, Will Help Save You From The Elements.

Having been repeatedly exposed to the elements – especially the extremes of temperature during winter and summer months – your skin is likely to feel dry and look lacklustre. In particular, your face, neck and hands will need some extra care and attention.

Just as we should all be vigilant about what we eat – what we put into our bodies, we should also be discerning about what we put onto our bodies, on our skin. That’s where the abundant moisturizing and nourishing properties of aloe vera come in.

Superior to so many of the branded, additive-packed and expensive cosmetic skincare products on the market, this gentle and versatile ‘wonder of nature’ will revolutionize the way you think about your own skincare routine.

We are familiar with the advice: drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep. While rest and hydration are two simple and fundamental ways we can get our overall health and appearance back on track, aloe vera might be considered our skin’s ‘insurance policy’. There’s a wide variety of products on the market which contain this ‘miracle ingredient’, and we can incorporate these in our own simple daily skincare regime. 

Suitable for most skin types, a gentle aloe vera cleanser and toner will help get rid of impurities and brighten your skin tone. Unlike many branded toners on the market, it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or tight. The fewer the ingredients the better. 

To make your own cleanser or toner, simply combine a few teaspoons of aloe vera gel with a natural astringent such as rose water or witch hazel extract and pop in a drop or two of your favourite fragrant essential oil (optional). Spritz your face with this whenever you feel like refreshing your facial radiance.

Whipping up aloe vera gel with coconut oil makes a fluffy, dreamy moisturizer (see, for example,

People have been using Aloe Vera gel in skin care remedies for 1000's of years. Here is a recipe for Queen Cleopatra's sumptuous face moisterizing cream.  

To complete the day’s skincare routine, before bed, you can use the moisturizing cream with additional aloe vera anti-ageing eye serum, to reduce the appearance of dark circles – it feels like a luxurious treat but it’s quick and easy to make. All you need to do is combine aloe vera gel with pureed cucumber. 

And that’s it. Soothing, cooling, and absolutely natural – aloe vera gel for skin care really is the best way to begin and end your day if looking after your skin is on your priority list. 

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