The 10 Best After Sun Treatments, Have Aloe Vera In It.

Hmmm……Which is the best after sun for you??????  Let us help you work this out.

Team Aloeville are keen sun worshipers and surfers. We have lived in some of the hottest places on the planet. From the outback of Australia, to the Sahara Desert, to the tropical Islands of Hawaii. We have stupidly got ourselves sunburn way too many times over the years...☹

Because of this we have used and tried out lots of different aftersun treatments, from all over the world. We have a practical understanding of what after sun works and what does not...from experience.

Woman with Severely burned skinWoman with Severely burned skin

We have found that the best after sun treatments, use Aloe Vera in their formulas. That is because Aloe Vera is a bit of a miracle plant.

Aloe Vera gel has cooling, healing and anti-septic properties. That is why the best after sun products will have it as a main ingredient.  

There are a huge variety of Aloe Vera sunburn products out there in aftersun skin care land. Like most things; there are really good ones, and also some really bad ones. As you know there is no magic aftersun that works for everyone, as everyone's needs (and skin types) are different. The trick is finding the one that works best for you.  

Our preference is to use after sun treatment creams, gels or lotions, which have a high percentage of aloe gel in it.

You have to be careful, as some of the Aloe Vera gel after sun treatments, are not what they seem. 

Some have very little Aloe Vera in them or they may say they contain 100% gel (but there is only a little bit of Aloe in there, compared with the other ingredients).

Just be mindful of the advertising on aftersun containers and packages. There is nothing stating that these companies need to state clearly the percentages of the aloe jelly (gel) in their formulas. READ THE PACKAGING CAREFULLY (especially the ingredient section). The higher up in the ingredients list the more of the ingredient that is in the product.

Fun Fact : Did you know that Native Americans used Aloe Vera? Due to its many medicinal benefits, it was known to them as the "The Wand of Heaven."

Some of these products have local anesthetics and numbing agents (like lignocaine) to reduce the uncomfortable feeling and pain of the sunburn. 

We have used a number of versions of these numbing type after suns.  We have found that if you have got bad and painful sunburn, these can be really effective at relieving that horrible pain caused from sunburn.

Although I haven’t experienced this personally, I have heard  that these numbing agents can sometimes dry out your skin… 

Some of the best after sun lotions, cooling gels, and treatments are very specialized. They might add a number of ingredients to aid with moisturizing and help with sunburn. 

These may range from Menthol, to Cucumber extract, or to even algae. Some of the best after suns may have vitamin E, C and essential oil treatments and extracts added. They will of course also have Aloe Vera in them.☺

Worst After Sun Treatments

The following points we have learnt the hard way… Ouch.

• If you’re using a sunburn treatment lotion we wouldn’t recommend mineral oil based ones, as they tend to hold heat in the skin. 

• We also don’t really recommend the gels and creams that have large amounts of alcohol in them, as this can dry out the skin. 

• If you have sensitive skin, we would try and get an aftersun that is free from parabens, mineral oils, fragrance, emulsifiers and alcohol or find one with as much  100% Aloe Vera gel in it as possible.

• Be aware that Aloe Vera gel is a clearish light green to yellowy brown colour. A lot of the companies will put a coloring agent in the products to make them seem more natural… like a nice dark green / blue aloe gel… This is not natural.  

Cooling Down

• A number of the best after sun brands now promote Aloe Vera after sun cooling sprays.

• The benefit of cooling sprays is that they are less painful to apply…just spray on straight from the fridge. No need to touch the skin….happy days ☺. 

• Some of these cooling sprays have a high percentage of Aloe Vera in them which is great news. Some of these cooling sprays are just a cocktail of chemicals and have hardly any Aloe Vera added to the mix.

Remember-Keep your aftersun gel, lotion, and spray in the fridge. Chilled aftersun is so much nicer to use on sunburnt skin.

The trick to finding the best aftersun is to read the bottle before you buy it to make sure its what you are after.

We also find that some of the smaller, less well known brands can also make some of the best after sun and Aloe Vera sunburn products. 

I tend to find the least processed and organic gels work the best. Unfortunately they tend to be more expensive to purchase. 

Last bit of advice I have is; remember that the best after sun tends to have high quantities of natural Aloe Vera gel in it. Make sure you are getting a decent percentage of Aloe Vera.. Some brands will water it down. I like to use 70-90% plus Aloe Vera generally.☺ 



Our 10 Best After Sun Recommendations

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Aftersun - Good Old Hawaiian Tropic.

It is a lightweight cream / gel designed to keep your skin hydrated after a long day in the sun. This aftersun uses a combination of silk protein, shea butter and Aloe Vera to create deep hydration. It soothe and cools the skin. 

Pro's - It keeps you hydrated and the Aloe Vera soothe and refreshes your skin. It and promotes a fast, long-lasting tan.

Costs - $7.55 for 6 oz

Con's - It includes synthetic fragrance, a flower extract, and papaya extract which can be irritating for those with allergies.

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Burts Bee's with Aloe and Linden Flower.

Packed with natural aloe and coconut oil, this product is a moisturizer for the face and body. It works by soothing and retaining the natural moisture in your skin. It also locks in moisture while leaving no signs of grease. 

Pro's - Re-hydrating power.  It's specially designed to replenish and re-condition your skin after exposure to the sun.

Costs -  $9.11 for 6 oz

Con's - The product is a little waxy.

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Maui Island Secret Burn to Brown Formula Sunburn Relief Healing Gel. 

This product works best for sunburn, kitchen burns, skin rashes, and insect bites. It has potent medicinal properties to protect your skin from different elements. The pure aloe extract that is added is also an effective astringent. The Coffee extract, tea tree and menthol, combined to really smooth and nourish your skin. 

Pro's - The Aloe Vera, Menthol and Tea Tree work a treat together to give you relief from your sunburn. 

Costs - $13.99 for 8 oz

Con's - It is a bit costlier than other gels. 


Pure Aloe Extract, Allantoin, Aloe Barbadenis Gel, Menthol, Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea Extract, Maui Coffee Extract. 

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Seven Minerals Organic Aloe Vera Spray, 99.75% Aloe Vera.

Some people just love using Aloe Vera by itself. This 99.75% Aloe Vera spray helps moisturizes and hydrates your skin. Being an organic aloe vera its great for sunburn, it is light on your skin. It also does not leave residue on your skin.     

Pro's - Provides your skin with a great dose of aloe-rich minerals. It leaves the skin feeling supple and soft.

Costs - $14.95 for 12 oz

Con's - It may cause rash for those who have very sensitive skin.

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Australian Gold.

A natural aloe soothing product designed to treat sun burn. It is packed with nourishing antioxidant formula that protects skin from sunburn. It has natural ingredients to sooth and keep the skin hydrated. The acacia and Aloe Vera works to sooth your skin, while the green tea helps neutralize free radicals. 

Pro's - It is made from nature goodness that makes it suitable to treat sunburn and reddened skin. It has no risks of allergy. 

Costs - $7.50 for 8 oz

Con's - colours and alcohol added.

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Clarins After Sun - Polly recommends and loves this product!!!! 

Known for its soothing properties, this product is packed with botanical extracts, essential ingredients ( such as Aloe Vera) to deeply replenish skin moisture. It also helps your skin to get back its soft, smooth and radiant look and feel. It helps prolong that tan you have been working on. 

Pro's - Ultra Hydrating. It leaves your body skin soft, smooth and radiant. Pro longs your tan. 

Costs - $28 for 6.7 

Con's -.It has acetate and a few other ingredients that you can't pronounce  

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Clinique Sun Care Body After Sun Balm With Aloe.

An all-skin type of sun balm, it has natural ingredients that give your skin the moist it needs. It is a potent skin care regimen for every type of skin. It is claimed to be safe for both the face and body.

Pro's - It is ideal for all skin types. Helps minimise peeling. Oil free.

Costs - $29.68 for 5 oz

Con's -The price is a bit more expensive than other sun balms

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Maui Vera Organic Sunburn Relief and Aftersun.

This is a natural spa quality product that provides organic sun burn relief. It has been formulated with a singular focus- to heal burns fast. If you need a spa quality sunburn relief, this one is a great option. 

Pro's - Cools down your sunburnt skin. It soothes irritable and itchy skin. It re-hydrates your skin and locks in moisture. The ingredient list is amazing- Aloe Vera, Noni Fruit, Peppermint etc... Its Organic!

Costs - $12.59 for 7 oz

Con's -None that I am aware of. 

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Banana Boat.

A soothing gel that cools and replenishes the skin and helps prevent peeling. Formulated with Aloe Vera, it keeps your skin well hydrated. It can also be used for chapped, dry and rough skin.

Pro's - It cools and replenishes dry skin and helps prevent peeling.

Costs - $10.27 for 16 oz

Con's - Artificial colours. 

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Sun Bum Cool Down lotion. Sun Bum are a pretty dynamic sun product company. There sun products are pretty good value for money.

This product is packed with soothing Aloe and Vitamin E for an intense hydration. Its light formula is quickly absorbed, leaving your skin glowing and soft. 

Pro's - Its hydration and revitalization ability. 

Costs $12.61 for 8 oz

Con's - It may feel a little greasy.

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