The Best Coconut Milk And Coconut Oil Shampoo, Also Has Aloe Vera Added To It!

The best 'Off the shelf' coconut milk and coconut oil shampoo, use high quantities of natural ingredients in them. 

Aloe Vera seems to be one of the most popular natural ingredients used in coconut milk and coconut oil shampoo.

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Why Use A Coconut Milk Or Coconut Oil Shampoo With Aloe Vera In It? Whats The benefit For You?

Aloe Vera's 75 plus vitamins, minerals and enzymes, combined with the coconut oil works a treat. The Aloe Vera being anti-bacterial in nature, helps reduce skin irritations and can assist with hair growth

Coconut milk has coconut oil in it. Coconut oil has Lauric acid in it. Lauric acid is transformed into monolaurin by your body. The great thing about monolaurin is that its regarded as anti bacterial. It also has great penetration and nourishing ability. Its small molecular structure and weight enables it to act as a super nourisher of minerals, vitamins and specific fatty acids. 

When the coconut oil combines with the Aloe Vera, they make a great anti bacterial super team, that naturally helps fight a large array of potential scalp conditions, that you may have. Both coconut oil and Aloe Vera help promote healthy hair, so it makes sense that shampoo brands uses both ingredients together.

Additional to shampoo brands that use coconut milk oil and Aloe Vera, there are also many brands that are using coconut milk instead of coconut oil.

When virgin, cold pressed coconut oil is used in a shampoo, you can really smell a coconut aroma. Processed coconut oil and coconut milk is more neutral smelling. 

Virgin coconut oil can be used to help conditions, such as dry skin. It has also been shown to help reduce protein loss in hair. The loss of protein is one of the main reasons for hair breakage and dryness. Both Aloe Vera and coconut oil/milk naturally helps balance your pH levels in line with your scalps pH level.

Here is a great blog post from Robin at Thank You and a recipe to make your own pH balanced shampoo recipe

If you are a sceptic about the benifits of coconut oil, here is a copy of a scientific journal discussing the benefits of coconut oil.


We love this brand. The raving reviews on the net suggests that there are lots of other people that agree with us. Check out their website ( click the above link )and try out their shampoo. We would love to get your feedback on the 100% Pure range.  


 The coconut oil is rich in (MCT’s) Medium Chain Triglycerides. These MCT’s help keep your hair lubricated and help stop your scalp becoming dry. 

Coconut Milk or Coconut Oil Shampoo...One And The Same.   

Coconut milk has coconut oil in it, so the differences between the two (when they are used as a shampoo base) tends to be minimal. They are both amazing ingredients to use in shampoo and conditioner.

Coconut milk shampoo tends to be less greasy as some coconut oil shampoo. Because of this, shampoos with coconut milk tend to be easier to wash out and tend to have better lathering when used. (As usual there are exceptions to this rule).

Its loaded with vitamins ( E,C,B6,B5,B3,B1), minerals (selenium, magnesium, calcium, Iron etc).

Did you know coconut oil is believed to be a natural sunscreen with an SPF Factor of around 4. Please note the jury is still out on this point, as there is conflicting information depending on what research you read.

This 2016 study in the International Journal of Cosmetics

A Perspective On Coconut Oil Shampoo With Aloe Vera.

Warning Ladies: This perspective on coconut milk and coconut oil shampoo with Aloe Vera, has been written by a straight guy☺.

I first tried coconut oil shampoo with Aloe Vera in it when I was on holiday. I had been recommended it from the manager of this pretty cool little local health shop in this cool little hipster/hippy town called Denmark. 

I listened to the suggestion, and brought home some coconut oil shampoo and conditioner.

My girlfriend Polly, was first to give it a go. At first she was not impressed with the coconut and Aloe Vera shampoo, and she thought it wasn't that good for her fine hair ☹. 

She changed her mind though as she has found that it works great, when your hair is having a frizzy, out of control hair day.

I have found that the coconut oil and Aloe Vera shampoo works exceptionally well on my thick, course hair. It did not leave my head oily and it did not have that chemical feel that some shampoos leave you with.  

I found the foaming action was a little less than other shampoos we had used previously. Saying that, It left my hair smelling great...just like a tropical Pina Colada.☺

In the end we have both found that the coconut oil and Aloe Vera infused shampoo (and it’s partner conditioner), was a great combination. 

The benefits of coconut oil and Aloe Vera for hair is well known. Like most things, shampoos are a personal choice. A good product that’s great for me, might be a lousy one for you…Everyone is different. In this instance we have found a winner with coconut oil shampoo with Aloe Vera. I would recommend it for sure, and it will be my new go to shampoo type from now on.


Here is a book on using Coconut Oil if your new to it. It discusses Health and healing abilities of coconut oil, weight loss, beauty, and it has some pretty cool recipes.

Here are the benefits of  Aloe Vera shampoo.

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