Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Skin Care Cream

My SECOND choice for an Aloe Vera body moisturizer is – Fruit of the Earth –Aloe Vera Skin Care Cream.

If you are living south of the equator right now, you know its getting COLD! And it is about to get COLDER! With the winter months setting in, our skin needs all the help it can get. We want it to stay soft, moist and supple. We don't want our skin to crack, toughen, or god forbid FLAKE (Every woman’s nightmare)!

Well ladies I have found a little gem that will keep that dreaded dry skin at bay! 

We All Know How Amazing Aloe Vera Is! 

We all know that Aloe Vera rehydrates and moisturises your skin. It can also help to make you skin supple, and it can take dried skin, and help take it back to its original beautiful form. The makers of Fruit of the Earth have managed to make an awesome body skin care cream called, ‘Aloe Vera skin care cream’! 

This skin care cream actually does what it says its going to do- rare I know! It does leave the skin feeling softer, instantly relieves dry skin and you can even put it on your face – its that gentle.

The best thing is that it has our favourite ingredient ‘Aloe Vera' in it. It also has heaps of other goodies that is included in this formula. This skin care cream helps to enhance the skin, reverse the signs of ageing, while increasing the skins elasticity.  – who would say no to all that? Not me!  

I Tried Fruit Of The Earth, Aloe Vera Skin Care Cream, And I Love It! 

I love trialling skin care products to find out which ones work, and are worth spending hard earned cash on. My motto is if you don't try then, how do you know?

I will only recommend products to you that I love and I have found worked for me. Fruit of the earth 'Aloe Vera Skin Care Cream' is an item that I will happily keep using and would pay for again. 

To beat the skin winter blues all you need is Aloe Vera skin care cream, I guarantee you will thank me for putting you on to it!


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