Jergens Soothing Aloe Body Moisturiser. Why is this our 1st Choice.....An Aloeville Product Review. 

Jergens is just one of the thousands of body moisturisers on the market today. There are so many to choose from! It is so hard to know what products to try and which are best for your skin? 

I have been using moisturisers all my life and have noticed that over time, my skin has changed and so have the needs of my skin.

Due to always being out in the sun when I was younger, my body now requires a moisturiser which is fast absorbing and hydrates my skin - to make it feel soft and supple again ( and hopefully reverse the sun damage I have done over time…..)

Mission Imposible

I have had a fun journey in the last 8 months to try as many different moisturisers with Aloe vera in them, to see which brands are the best!!!! Let me tell you this was no easy task.

There are SO MANY ALOE VERA body moisturisers out there. I simply cannot try them all (But  I am trying ;o)). But so far, I can tell you-Jergen Soothing Aloe is winning hands down!!

Jergens is Gold!

This stuff is GOLD! I am halfway through my second bottle and I will be purchasing a third! This cream really does what it says. It glides on effortlessly and sinks straight into the skin. There is no sticky residue or thick claggy feel.

This Aloe vera cream absorbs rapidly into the skin and has this fresh almost summery smell to it- I JUST LOVE IT. And as an added bonus it has what the packaging calls ‘Hydralucence’.

Basically it its like an illuminator for your skin! Its pretty cool. So when you put your skin into the light it makes your skin look more dewy  and refreshed looking. It literally makes your skin look better than what it did before and FEEL amazingly hydrated, soft and supple.

This is my number one choice for an all over Aloe vera body moisturiser.  It really is a must for anyone wanting their skin to feel soft, smooth, AMAZING and look years younger!!

Write to me and let me know how much you love it too!

Polly x

About the Product

JERGENS Soothing Aloe Moisturiser soothes and hydrates your skin. It uses a unique, fast working / absorbing formula, that helps to reveal (and bring out) a luminous, refreshed glowing look.This special formula has been enriched by adding Aloe Vera and cucumber to help relieve uncomfortable dry skin, that occurs (with the changes in weather and the seasons).

Using this non-sticky, non oily, and fast-absorbing aloe Vera lotion daily as a way to revive skin, will bring your skin from a dullness to a visibly refreshed look. You will find it Improves skin's luminosity, texture, and tone.

With the special HYDRALUCENCE blend, cucumber extract, and pure Aloe Vera it will bring a unique glow to your skin. It relieves uncomfortable, dry skin and rehydrates your skin, leaving it refreshed and in a luminous state. You will find it absorbs very quickly and helps locks in moisture levels for 24 hours.

To purchase your own Jergens Moisturiser from Amazon click here.

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