Is The Titanium Dioxide In Your Toothpaste And Sunscreen Causing You Cancer?

I have only just heard that Titanium Dioxide found in toothpaste and sunscreen, can cause cancer.

This was quite alarming to hear, as Titanium Dioxide and me have been crossing paths everyday for years. Every time I brushed my teeth and used sunscreen.

In my past (work) life I even worked at a Titanium Dioxide refinery. I can remember seeing Titanium Dioxide ( a refined white power) laying on the ground all over the plant. I even remember work colleges laughing and joking about Titanium Dioxide possibly being toxic. I can't remember ever hearing officially that it could cause you illness or cancer though. 

As an avid surfer and Kitesurfer, I use suncream all the time. Years ago I was once told to only use sunblocks with Titanium Dioxide. 'Apparently', it was the only thing that worked to protect your skin from the harsh sun (apart from zinc sunblock). 

So I just believed what I heard ( what a dummy I was) and have used titanium dioxide sunscreen ever since. Little did I know, all this time I was potentially using sunscreen that causes cancer. 

That was until I read the post (which is below) from my well researched 'health freak' friend Cas. My days of using cancer causing Titanium Dioxide in suncreams (and toothpaste) are over.  

Maybe it's time to check your bathroom cabinets. 


Beware Of Titanium Dioxide!

Beware of Titanium Dioxide!!!!! I have just been reading a number of articles and books from World renown nutritionist Henry Osiecki, Sydney Morning Herald, 'The Chemical Maze' book by BIll Statham, and a couple of others on the potential hazard of titanium dioxide (E171). 

It is used as a whitening or brightening ( and thickening) agent in sunscreens, toothpastes, most makeup products, lollies, icing sugar, jelly, jams, and sauces/dressings.

It has recently hit mainstream media proving a lead to carcinogenesis (the process from normal cells to cancer cells) as well as reproductive toxicity. 

The alternative advice I give to customers and other people is to go natural use natural toothpastes, sunblocks (if you really want to use a suncream), organic/natural zincs and mineral makeup products.

Nutritionally, to prevent sunburn, eat plenty of foods such as berries, and green foods which are both high in Vitamin B.  Also definitely use organic extra virgin coconut oil as a moisturiser as all of these food items has been proven in researches to prevent sunburn and sun damage.


If your like me and want to stay the hell away from Titanium Dioxide, here is a link to our favourite natural toothpastes.  :)

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