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So, You Like Aloe Vera And You Want To Find Out More About It!

Polly, Jude and the AloeVille Team are here to help answer all your Aloe Vera Questions! 

Just so you know, we are BIG BIG Aloe Vera Groupies (Fans).  

We started AloeVille.com as were not impressed with the amount of confusing, and sometimes 'Dodgy', Aloe Vera information out there on the Web. So we decided to conduct a really detailed research mission to work out what information is correct, and what is just hype.

From there we have put together an informative, funky, Aloe Vera community focused website, to deliver the most current up to date information, and find the 'coolest' Aloe Vera products for you. 

In other words, we have already done the research and the hard yards for you!!! :)

Jeffrey and Polly
A far from impressed Jeffrey, and Jude.


I am am the Aloe Vera skin care fanatic at AloeVille. I am happy and bubbly girl who loves everything to do with Aloe, skin treatments, lip balm, animals, and the environment. Our love of the natural world and Aloe Vera are connections that Jude and I share together. 


“I have always used Aloe Vera ever since I can remember. My granny and my mum used to grow it before I did. I come from a beach loving family and I remember getting sunburnt a number of times as a kid and mum and my aunty using Aloe on my burns". 

We would love it if we can share our love of the ‘miracle plant’ with you and get you all involved in ‘growing’ (pun intended) this site with us.” 

Jeffrey and Jude on a surfing trip.

Team AloeVille:

We are also lucky to have a pretty amazing team that is helping at AloeVille.com. Our friendly neighbourhood scientist (and plant 'Guru') Lesley is just one of them. Her detailed research skills, and 'conservative approach' to analysing scientific data (what ever you do don't tell her I called her conservative :), helps bring even more accuracy and credibility to AloeVille. 

Our goal is to build an educated Aloe community (with your help), where we can share our love for everything Aloe, and continue to learn what benefits this great plant has to offer all of us!

Here is the link If you would like to read more of our personal story.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any Aloe Vera experiences to share. So don't forget to drop us a line....Here is our Contact Page.

Polly and Jude ( and Jeffrey the Dog) x

Random Giant Chicken Anyone? :)
We Love Aloe Vera :).
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