Aloe Lip Balm, It Is the Answer! 

Aloe Lip Balm...what I can I say? Anyone who knows me knows I am an LIP BALM ADDICT. Yes, you heard right - lip balm is my vice...I wish it was not so, but I have been on a holy quest to find the most soothing, nourishing, LONG lasting lip balm possible for my lips, and that is Aloe Lip Balm. 

The Aloe Lip Balm Journey

You may ask what brought me to this quest? Well, let me start from the beginning. Many years ago I was under the pump, working three jobs, lighting the candle at both ends and generally just not looking after myself.

This began to show on my skin and shortly after, I was put on medication to subdue my inflamed face.

What the doctors did not tell me about- was the side effects associated with this medication. My skin was literally dropping off in front of my eyes. I had dry flaky skin, cracks in my skin (not just my lips either).

It was all over my body and my lips were actually falling off in clumps (not very nice I know but I want you to know the full story)….and this is where the obsession started. 

I wanted to find something nourishing and long lasting that would aid my discomfort and rejuvenate my lips so they felt soft, supple and kissable again ;)

To be honest I could have gone on one (or maybe two) amazing holidays with the money I have spent on my lip balm quest. You name it I have tried it, from the normal petroleum jelly based products to exotic concoctions from across the globe, including  good old Vaseline, Miranda Kerr organic balm, Paw Paw lip balm, big commercial brands, naturopath lip balms, and crazy homemade remedies. 

I have virtually traveled the globe (through internet and internet shopping ;) ) trying the latest revolutionary product which promises the earth and delivers nothing more than a questionably large DENT in my wallet! 

The Realisation

Please don’t get me wrong- there are some good ones out there but if you want an all in one which protects, nourishes, adds shine and does not need constant reapplications, then lip balm with Aloe Vera is the answer!!!

The amount of lip balm labels that claim it is all natural or chemical free is quite disturbing. If you read the label of your current lip balm I can guarantee that is has some of these ingredients –menthol, petroleum, camphor, phenol cool, alcohol, and salicylic acid. These ingredients can actually make you use more lip balm as it dries out your lips, which defeats the reason you are applying it, don’t you think? I do!

*Remember to always read the label first before you buy another lip balm.

Why Keep Spending Money, When You Can Make Your Own Homemade Aloe Lip Balm?

Homemade Aloe Lip Balm:

Everyone knows how good home made products are! We all love homemade cooking, homemade crafts and homemade Aloe lip balm is no exception! It is easy to make, very affordable and the best thing is - you know what is in it ;). NO HARSH CHEMICALS, only natural ingredients where you can CONTROL what you put in.

This is a favorite Aloe Lip Balm recipe of mine which I use, but you can alter to you suit your needs. 

• 1 teaspoon Aloe Vera gel

• 1/2 teaspoon sweet almond oil

• 2 vitamin E capsules

• A few drops of beet juice for tinting (optional)

• Natural essence oil, orange, lime – whatever you prefer


1. Time to get your measuring spoons out, sterilize your lip gloss containers (I like the little glass jars, there more durable and have that vintage look about them ;o) ) Then scoop the Aloe Vera gel and pour the almond oil into the lip gloss jar

2. Snip one end (take your time with this) off each vitamin E capsule with sterilized scissors, and drip the contents into the Aloe Vera gel

3. Using a clean skewer, slowly stir the ingredients until they're mixed well

4. If you would like to add colour to your gloss, add one drop of beet juice at a time until you reach your desired shade (be careful not don't add too much, or your gloss will be too thin) Now you can also add the essence if you wish to flavour it

5. Screw the cap securely on the container, and your lip gloss is ready to use

As you can see it is very simple to make, nothing but pure goodness touching those lips of yours, making them silky smooth, nourished and moist. No longer will you have dry brittle feeling lips. Most importantly no need for constant reapplication! You will have smooth, hydrated sexy lips ;)

Seriously give it a go. Aloe lip balm is the answer.

Do you think you could also be a Lip Balm Addict? Read this if you are unsure.

I will keep experimenting with Aloe lip balm and will upload new recipes as soon as I have trialed them. I will only put up magic recipes that soothe and are the real deal! So remember to keep checking in to see the new recipes!  

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