5 Tips for Getting Your Aloe Vera to Flower

How to get your Aloe Vera to flower

Flowers are nature's way of reproducing. Plants produce their seeds in their flowers, so they can be spread by dropping to the ground when the flower dies, by insects or birds feeding on the pollen, or by animals eating the fruits and spreading them through their dung.  

Yellow Aloe Vera Flower Close Up

When we grow plants at home, in the garden or indoors, some species can be notoriously difficult to get to flower.  Surprisingly, often this is because we are being too kind to the plant! When a plant is under stress and thinks it might be going to die, it will put all its energy into reproducing and making seeds to create the next generation.

So here are a few tips to get your first Aloe Vera flower. . . .

1. Be Patient

Aloe Veras won't flower until they are about 4 years old, and even then only if they feel like it. The conditions need to be right. 

Usually they bloom in the summer, but they can flower at any time and might do so randomly throughout the year if you are lucky and the weather is favourable for them. 

2. You have to be cruel to be kind!

Don't overdo the watering and feeding. A bit of neglect can actually persuade a reluctant plant to put all its energy into a beautiful yellow inflorescence. What does that mean in practice?  Well, don't feed in winter and only once a month at most in summer.  Water minimally in winter and no more than once a week in summer. 

3. Check your drainage!

Make sure the pot has good drainage and the roots are never sitting in water.

4. Is it pot-bound?

An Aloe doesn't mind being a bit pot bound, but you can transplant into a pot one size up in spring.  Make sure that you don't use too rich a compost.  Give it a good water and a feed of liquid fertilizer and then let it really dry out before watering again. 

5. Is the sun shining brightly?

Keep in a dry, bright spot with plenty of sunshine. Aloe Veras won't flower if they are in the shade.  They like to live in hot dry places like Africa, Australia and Spain and love a lot of light. 

Aloe Vera Flower with insects

Don’t worry if your Aloe Vera hasn’t flowered yet.  It may well surprise you one day.  Meanwhile, it will be pleasing you with its luscious green leaves and its powerful healing properties.  If you haven’t tried using the gel from the centre of the leaf yet, you are seriously missing out.  Have a look at our ways of using Aloe Vera and get the most from your plant.

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