Have you heard about Aloe Vera for Sunburn?

Lets talk about using Aloe Vera for sunburn. 

Who has forgotten to put sunscreen on before and has gotten so sunburned that they look like a cooked lobster….? 

I have…unfortunately ☹. Judging by the number of people I see on the beaches that are red raw and sunburnt, I am not the only person to make that mistake….!    

Most people know that horrible feeling of sunburn and the uncomfortable PAIN that goes with it. If you haven't had sunburn before here are the symptoms of it  http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/sunburn/basics/symptoms/con-20031065.

Aloe Vera...Is Your Saviour. 

Don't stress as there is a natural saviour for your sunburn, and it's called Aloe Vera.

Vera is regarded as a bit of a wonder plant. The benefits of using Aloe Vera as a sunburn treatment are well known. Some of these are: 

• inflammation reduction,  

• aiding skin healing, 

• moisturizing of the skin,

• moisture retention,

• can aid by assisting with pain relief,

• help to stimulate skin growth,

• soothing aspect

One of its best features is its ability to deeply penetrate the skin and reach the dermal layers (up to 7 layers deep).

Aloe scientific data suggests that Aloe Vera sunburn treatment works for small to medium amounts of sunburn.  Combined with its ability to retain moisture in damaged skin, this has led to a multitude of Aloe Vera sunburn products (and aftersun) treatments being developed. 

From my own experience I can vouch for Aloe Vera as being one of the best remedies for sunburn I have come across. Many times I have used it on myself and my friends and family, to reduce sunburn. Many times it has been a saving grace (Thumbs up Aloe Vera…we love you). 

I remember an instance when I had sunburn so bad from surfing without sunscreen and no t-shirt on, that my whole back was blistered up. Having my family put cold - straight out of the fridge - Aloe Vera onto the affected area was a feeling of total bliss and relief. 

Using Aloe Vera for sunburn helps reduce the uncomfortable, hot, and painful experience of it. 

Using it can help eliminate peeling (and flaky skin) that can be caused from sunburn.

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So how does Aloe Vera for Sunburn work?

Aloe Vera aka the “The Burn Plant” is made up of 99% water. Its unique enzymatic nature includes a substance called Glycoprotein which helps minimize inflammation (which is one of the main factors of sunburn). Glycoprotein also helps reduce pain. 

Another part of the make-up of Aloe Vera are polysaccharides which help with skin growth and repair. The nature of Aloe means that it can also re-hydrate skin that is sunburned. 

Aloe also contains ‘Uronic Acids’. These acids are designed to help remove toxins and toxic material from the body. They are able to impregnate deeply into the skin, and help the astringent and cleaning properties of the Aloe Vera work its magic. 

It can also help with circulation, and allows for the repair of skin tissue and the regeneration of damaged and scarred skin.

The properties of Aloe enable protective coatings to form on the skin, which reduce harmful bacteria growth, via  an antiseptic action. These protective layers act as a seal. The cover helps to hold in moisture and in so doing so promotes faster healing, and reduces dehydration. 

On top of the moisturizing and rejuvenating aspects it can help repair collagen and improve blood flow to skin cells which in turn improves the elasticity of the skin.

Warning about Aloe Vera for Sunburn

It’s important to mention that even though it’s very rare, allergic reaction to Aloe Vera does occur from time to time. This normally comes in the form of skin irrational. I would recommend that if you have never used aloe before, try it on your skin that’s normal and not sunburned. Make sure there is no rash or irritation prior to using it on your sunburn. 

Tips for Using Aloe Vera for Sunburn

The Best After Sun Treatments.

When using Aloe Vera for sunburn. The natural gel straight from a Aloe plant, tends to be the best option to use. If you don't have the luxury of an Aloe Vera plant, the next best thing is to use a good quality Aloe Vera after sun gel or lotion on your sunburn.

Click here to find out everything you need to know about The best Aloe Vera Aftersun Treatments.

A few little tips for you if you are going to use Aloe Vera for sunburn. 

• I suggest a cool shower first, try and get some of the heat out of the sunburned skin. 

• From there if you can put a cooled clean damp cloth onto the sunburnt area for 5-10 minutes prior to using any Aloe Vera, that helps take the heat out. 

• I will sometimes use ice to help cool the area down. NOTE: If you are going to use ice to try and cool the area down make sure it’s covered in a cloth, and do not put ice directly on to badly sunburned areas. If you haven’t got ice, you can use a packet of frozen vegetables from the freezer.

• Another idea is to freeze Aloe gel as ice blocks. As they melt they soothe. Remember you would only use this for very minor sunburn (do not place the Aloe ice blocks directly onto bad sunburn).

Depending on the severity (especially if there are large blisters present) seeing a doctor may be beneficial, as he will be able issue antibiotic cream and painkillers. 

Remember blisters can get infected very easily, so if in doubt don’t mess around, go see a doctor. 

Did you know blistered sunburn is normally a 2nd degree type burn….!  Blistering sunburn is also really painful and uncomfortable. If required, use an over the counter pain killer (like ibuprofen) to get through the pain and uncomfortable factor.

Here are more COOL 'cooling' facts about Aloe Vera Gel Sunburn treatment and After suns

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