21 Aloe Vera Gel Benefits You Didn't Know

You may have heard that it's good for the skin, but here are lots more Aloe Vera Gel benefits you might not have known about.

Aloe Vera contains more than 75 active ingredients which may have beneficial effects, and it is thought to be such an amazing healing plant because of the way these compounds work together. Throughout history it has been known as the 'medicine' plant and used for all kinds of ailments, but it was difficult to store for long periods, and fresh gel from the leaf loses its potency in a day or two.

Aloe Vera Gel Inside Leaf


Fortunately, in 1968, Dr Bill Coates, a pharmacist from Texas, managed to find a way to extract these beneficial elements and preserve them so that they retained their healing potency. So even if you haven't got a plant, or a fresh leaf containing Aloe Vera gel, you will be able to get all these benefits from all the lovely products now made from these extraction methods.  

21 Aloe Vera Gel Benefits

Aloe Vera Gel: 

1. Is found in lots of creams and lotions for its moisturizing properties.

2. Contains anti-septic chemicals which can help prevent infections. 

3. Contains anti-inflammatory compounds which can reduce skin irritation and rashes. 

3. Soothes sunburn and other minor burns. It feels especially good when used cold straight out of the fridge.  See my page on how to treat yourself if you've overdone it on the beach. 

4. Can improve facial wrinkles and elasticity when taken as a supplement.

5. Can re-hydrate the skin.

6. Can take the pain and itch out of insect bites.

7. Is good for bruises, if you're black and blue!

8. Cures warts.  (Not sure if that one has been proven, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence!).

9. Fights Athlete’s foot.

10.  Takes the pain out of blisters if you've walked too far in uncomfortable shoes.

11. Makes a facial scrub if you add brown sugar or oats. (Check out my great recipes). 

12.  Prevents spots and help with acne, due to its anti-bacterial properties.

13. Treats fungal infections such as Candida or Thrush.

14. Reduces dandruff.

15. Cures constipation (but don't take long-term).  See my page on this awkward problem. 

16.  Strengthens gums and freshens breath when using in toothpaste.

17. Helps with shaving by softening skin.

18. Keeps you smelling fresh all day when used as a deodorant.

19. Reduces the symptoms of IBS and Colitis

20. Gives you silky soft hair if used as a conditioner.

21. Makes a delicious cooling summer drink, which also has lots of health giving properties. (See my page on Aloe Vera Juice). 

22.  Makes a great lubricant in the bedroom- read more here!

Here's a great fresh gel product if you haven't got your own plant:

Safety of Aloe Vera Gel

It has generally been accepted by science and the medical profession that Aloe Vera Gel is safe when used topically (i.e. on the skin), although there are a few exceptions when allergic reactions have been reported.

Although it is used extensively as an ingredient by the food industry, long term use of Aloe Vera Gel as a medicine that you take internally has a few possible risks that you need to know about.  So get piece of mind and enjoy the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel without worrying about whether or not it’s safe by reading our page on  Aloe Vera Gel Side Effects

If you're interested in finding out more about the science behind the Aloe Vera Gel benefits listed above, you can read more here

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