What is Aloe Vera Juice?

You've probably heard all the stories of celebrities drinking Aloe Vera juice for its incredible health boosting properties, but you're not sure what all the fuss is about. So what is Aloe Vera juice anyway, and why is it so great?  

Well, we will clear up all the mysteries here and then you can enjoy the benefits too.

Droplet on Aloe Vera Leaf, to illustrate Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is an easy to grow succulent plant which has been revered for centuries as a remedy for all kinds of ills. Cleopatra used it on her skin to prevent wrinkles and aging. (She didn't just bathe in milk you know!).

This plant is full of healthy ingredients, said to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi, boost the immune system, aid digestion, fight wrinkles and soften the skin.  But make sure you read our 'Side Effects and Precautions' before you decide to take AV Juice internally. 

Aloe Vera Really Does Fight Wrinkles

So how much of that is true?  Well, we have looked into the various health claims for Aloe Vera and investigated the science behind it.  Most of the claims are based on true scientific results, although lots more research needs to be done to investigate the safety of Aloe medications. 

However, one claim that really does seem to be true, is that taking AV internally actually does improve facial wrinkles! Research carried out by the Korean Dermatological Association has shown that facial wrinkles improved markedly in those whose skin had been damaged by the sun, (and let's face it that's nearly all of us these days unless you live in a darkened room!). 

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How is Aloe Vera Juice Made?  

The thick, gel filled leaves of the plant contain various parts which are used. 

1.  Mucilaginous gel from the inside of the leaf
2.  A bitter yellow latex just inside the skin of the leaf which is used as a laxative
3.  Whole leaf extract

Aloe Vera Juice is made in two different ways:

1. Whole Leaf Juice

This is made by grinding up the whole leaf and treating with enzymes to break up the fibrous material. The resulting mush is then filtered through charcoal to remove the bitter aloe latex, which leaves behind Aloe Vera juice.

Because of the laxative properties of the latex, food regulations state that only 10 parts per million are allowed to stay in the juice, so don't worry that you will spend all day in the littlest room in the house.  

2. Inner leaf juice

Here, the rind of the leaf is removed, the latex washed away and only the clear inner gel used to make the juice.

You can buy either of these two products and most good brands will state on the label which one their product contains.

This healthy liquid can also be concentrated or made into powder and added to all kinds of food products or cosmetics. 

Organic Aloe Vera Juice

Most brands state that their Aloe Vera is grown organically.  In fact most Aloes are grown without pesticides all over the world because it is a plant that doesn't really get attacked much by pests.  That might have something to do with all those spikes, its really thick rind, and the bitter latex just under the skin!  I wouldn't want to attack it either. 

What's in it?

AV juice is full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and is probably really good for you in moderation. Be aware that companies are not allowed to make health claims for AV as a food or a supplement, so we are not going to either!  This page tells you all the healing ingredients in Aloe if you want to know the whole list.  

What does AV juice taste like?

Many Aloe Vera drinks taste of very little except sugar because on its own it actually tastes pretty bitter. So you will need to be careful if you don't want lots of sugar, preservatives and other ingredients which will most likely cancel out any health benefits you might get by drinking them! Some brands add other flavours such as pomegranate, apple or watermelon to mask the taste. The best brands add nothing at all, so you can mix it with whatever flavour you like best. We suggest mixing it with some fruit juice or adding a little honey.

Because the healthiest brands don't contain any preservatives, you need to keep it in the fridge so it doesn't go off.  

For safety and quality, look for the IASC certification seal on the bottle. 

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