Easy Aloe Vera Plant Care

Aloe Vera plant care is as easy as falling off a log! Drought tolerant and rarely susceptible to pests and diseases, this is a plant for beginners which is almost impossible to kill.  Unless you kill it with kindness of course, by watering or feeding too much.  Not much danger of that in our house. 

Baby Aloe Vera Plant

If you love gardening, but are not very confident about your green fingers, we will show you just how easy it is to grow a useful and beautiful plant with very little effort. 

The great thing about Aloe Vera is that you can also use it for lots of cosmetic and medicinal purposes.  It works much better straight from the plant and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you grew it yourself and that it hasn’t been subject to pesticides or processing.  How green is that? 

Don’t worry if you don’t live in a desert – this cactus like succulent will grow indoors too. 

We will show you how to propagate Aloe Vera which is also terribly easy, as it grows its own little babies which you can just pull off.  If you haven’t already got a plant, you can start from scratch with Aloe Vera Seed which you can buy online. 


  • Survive for more than 7 years without water!
  • Take the water it needs for survival and growth from dew collected on the surface of its leaves
  • Survive temperatures over 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60° Celsius).  Wow that's hot!
  • Cannot withstand temperatures below freezing (0° Celsius).  Neither can I!
  • Repel predators, insects, reptiles and other animals with its spikes and the bitter latex in its leaves

All this means, that the so called 'miracle plant' is pretty indestructible.  The growing zones for Aloe Vera are zones 8-11 which means it’s hardy in those areas.  This page shows a map of world plant hardiness zones.  If you are outside those zones, it is advisable to grow your wonder plant in a greenhouse or indoors. 

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