How to Plant Aloe Vera Seeds Successfully

Let us show you how to plant Aloe Vera seeds successfully so you can grow them from scratch. There is nothing like the joy of seeing little shoots appear from the soil and you can get a lot more plants for less money than if you buy small plants.  

Aloe Vera is a wonderful plant with cooling and healing properties which you can use straight from your fridge for things like sunburn and insect bites. It is also a beautiful succulent which can add a touch of drama to any garden or balcony. 

Aloe Vera Seeds

Where should you order Aloe Vera seed?

If you have a specialist succulent or cactus nursery near you, you may be lucky enough to find a supplier who has them in stock.  Make sure you get the right variety if you are wanting to use your plant for sunburn, or to make your own face creams or hair products.  Many seed packets are mixes of different Aloe varieties, and some even include Agaves and other succulents, so you might need to search a little further for AV seeds on their own. 

Aloe Vera is often also known as Aloe barbadensis and has lots of common names too, such as the 'burn plant' or 'medicine' plant.  You can read about the scientific names of this green pharmacy here

You can also buy Aloe Vera seeds online.  We will be recommending some of our favourite suppliers. 

It is also possible to buy small plants online too if you are impatient and don't want to wait for the seeds to germinate. 

Where should I plant my seeds?

First of all, decide where you want your plants to grow. You can plant them straight where they are going to live for the rest of their lives, if the weather is warm. Though you might need to thin them out if you get too many.

You can also grow them in pots on balconies, indoors or in greenhouses.  You can choose from a huge range of Aloe Vera planters or containers.  The best types are made of terracotta which drain better and look more beautiful than plastic. 

How to plant your Aloe Vera seeds

Aloe Vera seeds will need temperatures of above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21°C) to germinate, so if your outside temperatures are not getting that warm, consider starting them off indoors or in a cold frame. 

  1. Fill a seed tray or pots with a mixture of compost and sand, about 50/50.  Or you can use specialist cactus growing compost which is usually available at most nurseries.
  2. Plant the seeds at least 1 inch apart on the surface of your compost
  3. Give it a VERY light covering of sand or the special succulent compost mixture. 
  4. If you can, water from below, so the water soaks up into the compost mixture and doesn't displace your seed or wash the compost off the top. You can do that by sitting the tray into a larger container of water until it sucks the water up to the top. You'll see the sand on the top change colour.  Then let it drain as you don't want it saturated or you'll rot the seeds.  
  5. Cover with a clear lid, cling film or put in a propagator
  6. Only water again if the soil totally dries out.  Or gently mist with a spray.
  7. As soon as you see some green shoots, take the cover off, so that the little plants don't get attacked by any fungal nasties. 

How long will my Aloe Vera seeds take to germinate?

It can take from 1 to 4 months for the seeds to sprout, so you might need to be patient! 

As soon as the little babies are 3 inches high you can gently tease them out and plant in larger pots or into the ground outside if it's warm enough. 

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