Aloe Vera Skin Benefits -
Scientifically Proven!

We bring you the Aloe Vera skin benefits you need to know!   They are 100% true and proved by science!

Do you dream of a glowing skin, achieved through natural products that contain no nasty chemicals or side effects? 

Are you struggling with acne, eczema or psoriasis, or just want to delay the onset of wrinkles?   Have you got dry or sunburnt skin?  Does your oily skin cause pimples? 

I battled with my skin for years until I found out about the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera.  Now I’m going to share my secrets with you. . . .

Girl with Beautiful Skin Holding Aloe Vera Leaf to Show Benefits

Get Rid of Your Skin Problems for Good

What I love about the so-called ‘miracle’ plant is that:

  1. It has been used for 1000s of years
  2. It is known to be safe
  3. Science has proved it works for most common skin complaints.

Aloe Vera Topical Skin Benefits Everyone Should Know!

The gel extracted from the leaf of the Aloe Vera plant is well known for its healing properties especially for its powerful and therapeutic effects on the skin. 

These are just some of the incredible properties of this plant:

Aloe Vera is:

  • A highly effective moisturiser, so it’s great for dry skin.
  • Also good for oily skin as it is not greasy and doesn’t clog pores. 
  • Cooling and anti-inflammatory – fantastic for sunburn, itchy skin or insect bites.
  • Anti-bacterial – works for Acne and pimples – read more about that here.
  • Anti-fungal – excellent for Candida (Thrush), Athlete’s Foot and Dandruff.
  • Full of vitamins and healing compounds – read more about the healing properties of Aloe Vera Gel here. 

Read more about using on the skin:

Our Tips for Skincare with Aloe Vera

The Secret of Aloe Vera Supplements for Skin Benefits

Being a sceptic myself, and a bit sick of the outrageous claims of many cosmetics companies, I love that fact that it has been scientifically proven that taking an supplement containing an extract of Aloe Vera actually improves facial elasticity and wrinkles!  

So if you have damaged your skin lying around in the sun for years, like many of us sun worshipers, there is a remedy for you. 

Here is the actual scientific research which was carried out in Seoul, Korea. 

What is interesting is that the lower dose worked as well as the higher dose, so don’t take a lot, especially as taking Aloe Vera internally can have some side effects. 

Make sure that any supplements you take are not whole leaf, as the outer portion of the leaf has laxative effects. 

Be particularly careful if you are pregnant, diabetic or have kidney or heart conditions.  When in doubt consult your doctor. 

What Skin Conditions Can I Treat with Aloe Vera?

There is research evidence that gel from this plant is effective in the following conditions – you can click the links to read more about each one:


You will also get benefits using Aloe Vera on your skin if you suffer from pimples or spots, scars, burns, rashes, itchy or red skin, or insect bites. 

All in all, it is a veritable first-aid kit for the skin with more benefits than we can even begin to imagine.  And when science has shown without a doubt that it works, what more do we need to know that we won’t be wasting our precious money?

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