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I first started using it to heal coral reef cuts after watching a really bad 80’s movie called 'North Shore' that showed a girl using AV to help heal the star’s reef cuts caused from a wipe-out at the world’s deadliest surf spot ‘Pipeline' in Hawaii. Prior to watching that movie I thought Aloe was just used for sunburn.

After that I started using Aloe Vera (AV) on all types of cuts, burns and sea ulcers (sea ulcers eventuate when you are constantly in the water and you don’t allow your wounds to heal... I was always in the water surfing). I used to spend a lot of time in the deserts and jungles of Australasia whist I was in the Army, and more than once I had to use AV on rashes, cuts and really painful Gypmie bush stings (if you want to know about painful stings check out Gympie Bush Queensland on YouTube). But most of all I used AV on minor skin rashes, small cuts and sunburn. I have used it for cuts and stings on my journeys throughout Asia, Middle East, Hawaii and Africa. My favourite place to go surfing - 'Jeffreys Bay’ in South Africa - is also famous for the large Aloes that grow there. I have always been interested in the wound healing capabilities of Aloe Vera ever since I was in the Army. 

A number of years ago I had a bad surfing accident in the isolated Islands of Sumatra, Indonesia, where I got wiped out and my head got scalped and on a live coral reef. For the first few months after the accident I used lots of Aloe Vera on my head where the stitches were, but also on the numerous other reef cuts I had received. After a few months I used it in partnership with green oil, and using Aloe like this I believe helped aid in reducing the scaring I have today.   

I’m also a bit of a sun worshipper with (not sun friendly) skin and I have (unintentionally) become a bit of an expert on Aloe sunscreens and after-suns. 


Do not get me wrong, I am as far from a hippy as you can get! I work in the city, wear corporate attire, own a mobile phone and enjoy a glass of red wine (or two). BUT Jude's naturalistic even holistic approach to life, has rubbed off on me immensely and in return I have a developed a new-found curiosity for more natural products in my life as I have seen the benefits they produce.  Now I try to choose natural, organic products which have not been tested on animals.  We try to buy organic as much as possible and use only environmentally safe products in our household. Even our dog, Jeffery, gets organic food and treats when we can! 

What I am trying to say we are trying to do our bit when we can, of course we can do a lot more and that is the path we are on. To help others and the environment in the best and FUN way we can. 
I have also had Aloe Vera plants in my life since I was little – my parents grow it and even my sister does! But I never really paid attention to be honest, or knew about ALL the amazing benefits that Aloe had to offer.

I only knew of it as a soothing after sun gel or for wounds or scars! The more I have learnt about Aloe Vera over the years the more it amazes me, day after day! We practice what we preach and have a leaf of Aloe in our fridge and want to share our passion with you!

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Big Aloes and Big Surf - 'Jeffreys Bay' South Africa. 


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